Friday, May 29, 2009

Partager - Mpongo Love

Mpongo Love was and still remains one of my favourite Zairois songbirds. Here is one of her best works before she died

Another blog has it that she was married to mobutu's son and both her and the husband died of aids. For her to have contracted polio in her childhood then marry a mobutu and finally die of aids is quite traggic.

God RIP.


  1. Dónall3:10 AM

    In a post on 30th October 2008, you posted a link to Issa Juma/Super Wanyika singing Matatizo doesn't work any more -would it be possible for you to repost it? I've been searching the web for hours looking for it, to play for my wife and take her back in time...I'd be really really grateful.
    Nashukuru sana,

  2. Dónall12:55 PM

    Abdullah on has kindly given me the link to the song -Issa Juma & Super Wanyika - Matatizo Nimeyazoea -I've posted it at your blog of 30th October 2008. Asante lakini bado, Dónall